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Mission Statement

The mission of Washington School is to provide the best possible education for all students.  Our goal is to pursue "excellence" through creating a positive and enriching academic environment which provides successful learning opportunities for all.  
Washington School will provide accountable, progressive and variant educational programs, teaching methodologies and techniques which will challenge all students in the areas of Character Education, Language Arts, Health and Physical Education, History-Social Science, Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Visual and Performing Arts.
Our community, parents, staff and students form a cooperative and collaborative partnership in the achievement of our mission. 
  • Staff, parents, students and community are linked in a collaborative and supportive system that nurtures students’ academic, emotional and social development through exemplary teaching in a learning environment committed to excellence.
  • Washington Elementary School Academic Goals are for students to increase their scores toward proficiency and  1 level growth on the ELPAC testing and increase by 5% on the Smarter Balanced assessment each year.
  • Washington Elementary is committed to the following values, which form the foundation of our goals and support of our mission. The student is the heart of our purpose
  • Education is  necessary in a democratic society
  • The quality of life is improved through education
  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • The desire to learn should be encouraged
  • Everyone has the right to pursue his or her goals through education
  • Educational institutions must respect and accommodate diversity
  • Our goal is to fulfill the educational and moral needs of our students by:
  • * Providing quality academic instruction that prepares student for college and career readiness.
  • * Cultivating students’ social responsibility and citizenship skills
  • * Promoting students’ positive self-concepts and personal growth
  • * Developing students’ problem-solving skills and strategies to reach decisions and goals
  • * Establishing a climate for learning which is enjoyable, cooperative and fosters critical thinking and independence
  • * Fostering the ability to cooperate and work with individuals and groups
  • * Encouraging the development of attitudes, knowledge and skills that promote physical and mental health
  • * Providing support services to students which encourage their educational endeavors and personal growth
  • * Precipitating an understanding and appreciation for scientific and technological advancements